Undertaker Denmark / Funeral Services

Undertaker in Denmark: Henrik Andersen from Hjertebegravelse, will be at your service, should you need help with any funeral related issues. We have 12 funeral departments spread over Northern Sjælland and Copenhagen area.

Please get in touch and we will be able to assist you with any death related issues in Denmark or overseas. We have been in business for a decade.

Should the death occur abroad, it is the local authorities in the country in question who complete a death certificate. You must then bring the death certificate with you when the death report must be completed.

If the deceased is not to be cremated before repatriation, it is necessary for the authorities of the country in question to issue a mortuary passport to the deceased. The body passport is a guarantor that the health and administrative requirements for transporting the deceased have been met. A body passport is not required for the transport of ashes to or from abroad bodies within Denmark’s borders

If the deceased is to be transported in a coffin, special requirements are placed on the design of the coffin. This applies especially if the transport takes place by plane. The undertaker collects the deceased from a special area of the airport and transports the deceased to the chapel, from where the deceased is to be laid to rest or buried.

Tasks just after the death

  • Help with filling in papers and certificates in case of death
  • Collection of death certificates and delivery of papers to authorities
  • The ceremony is being planned

Planning the ceremony

  • Decoration of church or chapel
  • Coffin ornaments, wreaths and stretcher decorations
  • Obituaries
  • Hymn booklet
  • Tombstone, memorial plaque and additions
  • Coffin bearer
  • Graveyard and cemetery

Tasks at the ceremony

  • Rusty car and driving
  • Flowers at the grave site
  • Transport of urns to the crematorium
  • Special tasks in connection with the funeral or burial
  • Memorial gathering – how and why?
  • Funeral assistance – how much and from where?
  • Pictures from the church

Heart Funeral prepares a non-binding estimate of the costs in connection with the funeral or burial. Hjertebegravelse has no influence on part of the costs, as these are subcontractors for, for example, obituaries, tombstones, coffins, urns and more. The final invoice may therefore be different from the price estimate. Heart Funeral endeavors to notify the customer as soon as we know the costs of the individual expenses if it deviates significantly from the price estimate.